Cryptocurrencies Under $5 To Invest In 2020Cryptocurrencies Under $5 To Invest In 2020

If you are thinking of investing in cryptocurrencies this year but do not want to make a costly investment, you can choose from some token that are under $5. As the price of pioneer cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin is rising due to the invention of crypto trading bots such as bitcoin up app, the new investors are looking for cheaper one to invest in. When choosing a token it is rather important to make sure it has high liquidity. When a crypto coin is regularly used and traded investors find it easy to sell and buy that coin. So, even if a crypto coin has high market cap but does not get traded much, you will not have any buyers. Here are some crypto coins that you can consider for investments in 2020:

  • Pantos (PAN): This is a cross-chain crypto coin that was produced by the crypto exchange Bitpanda. Investors keen to use Pantos can buy this coin from Bitpanda. Developers are making efforts to ensure that this coin can work on all blockchains. This will help in money transfers from an Ethereum blockchain to another blockchain and vice versa. So, you will be able to conduct cross-blockchain transfer of crypto coins which has not yet been done by any other crypto coin so far. To do this, PAN is using the TAST or Token Atomic Swap Technology. PAN is supported by researchers from many institutions like the Austrian Academy of Sciences, RIAT, University of Vienna, etc. If the PAN succeeds in doing this, it will make instant cross-chain transfers possible; users will be able to send money from one to another blockchain without using a third party like an exchange. To earn profit on a daily basis try out this bitcoin trading system app.
  • OmiseGo (OMG): This is priced below $2 and the price is unbelievable given the huge demand that the coin witnessed recently. OMG has been created by Omise that is into offering payment solutions for merchants. It was featured in the Forbes Thailand and awarded “Digital Startup of the Year” in 2016. OMG seeks to make sure that the numbers of people without access to bank accounts comes down. Omise tries to make money transfers hassle-free across different networks and assets. It seeks to provide the unbanked people with a user-friendly system for storing and receiving money at low costs. So, Omise wants merchants and users to transfer funds easily across the world using any type of currency, like fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies. Since this token has been targeting both electronic payment providers and individuals, you can hope for mainstream adoption of the coin. The developers have taken on an ambitious project as there are millions of prospective users in Asia itself.
  • Stellar Lumens (XLM): This has a market cap of almost $2 billion and is priced only at $0.10. It provides for almost free transactions, instant transactions, and partnerships with IBM, and Deloitte. XLM seeks to replace the SWIFT that currently handles more than $5 trillion transfers in a single day. Its blockchain may be used for creating decentralized apps or dApps and implement smart contracts having quicker transaction speeds and lower costs when compared to the existing leader Ethereum. So, XLM may emerge as the foundation for many new crypto coins in the future just like Ethereum was the platform for many tokens. Stellar has the Stellar DEX or decentralized exchange which enables peer-to-peer exchanges of crypto coins without any third party.
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